1980 Movie List ---- MOVIE COUNT = 84

Alien Dead

Alien Terror | Alien 2 | Strangers


Anthropophagus | The Grim Reaper

Beyond Evil

Beyond Terror | Further Than Fear

Blood Bride | Death of a Nun

Cannibal Apocalypse | Invasion of the Flesh Hunters

Cannibal Holocaust

Cannibal Terror

Cardiac Arrest

Cataclysm | The Nightmare Never Ends

Christmas Evil

City of the Living Dead | The Gates of Hell

Contamination | Alien Contamination

Death Ship


Dominique is Dead | Dominique

Don't Answer The Phone!

Don't Go In The House

Dracula's Last Rites | Last Rites

Dressed to Kill

Eaten Alive! | Doomed to Die

Effects | The Manipulator

Estigma | Stigma

Fade to Black

Fiend | Deadly Neighbor

Friday the 13th

Funeral Home

Ghost Dance

Hammer House of Horror (TV Series)

He Knows You're Alone

Hell of the Living Dead | Night of the Zombies


House on the Edge of the Park

Humanoids from the Deep


Island Claws



Motel Hell

Mother's Day

New Year's Evil

Night of Death!

Night of the Demon

Night of the Hunted

Nightmare City

Nightmares | Stage Fright

Patrick Still Lives


Prom Night

Satan's Black Wedding

Saturn 3


Sex and Black Magic [Orgasmo Nero]

Shadows of the Mind

Silent Scream

Tales of the Unexpected (TV Series)

Terror on Tour

Terror Train

The Attic

The Awakening

The Boogeyman

The Changeling

The Children

The Curse of King Tut's Tomb

The Fog

The Godsend

The Hearse

The House Where Death Lives | Delusion

The Island

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

The Long Island Cannibal Massacre

The Monster Club

The Shining

The Unseen

The Watcher in the Woods

To All a Goodnight

Toxic Zombies | Blood Eaters


We're Going to Eat You

Without Warning

Writhing Tongue

Zombie Holocaust